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A very special cargo in Yarımca

01 April 2016



‘DP World Yarımca handled Calypso vessel of Captain Cousteau who opened up the oceans to millions of households through more than 115 television films and 50 books. For 40 years, Calypso carried Captain Cousteau and his teams to explore all the riches and the fragility of the oceans.’


April 1, 2016: We welcomed Calypso in the afternoon on March 25th and handled it with great care. Throughout the operations, we also hosted Captain Patrice Quesnel, who was a former America’s Cup sailor for Baron Bich and Captain of Cousteau’s ship Alcyone, and has been mandated by Ms Francine Cousteau to coordinate renovation program of Calypso.


Captain Patrice Quesnel:

“We are in an absolutely surreal environment. Here is a huge container terminal, ultra-modern (among the 3 most moderns in the world) with huge cranes that reduce Abis Dusavik to a size of a small trawler!” All expressed their happiness to welcome our ship, a common heritage to mankind. Everyone sows the emotion and joy today, here in Turkey. Our team and the Turkish team led the project while we were getting to know each other and to share the happiness of rebuilding together the most beautiful symbol of the Seas and the Ocean."


Nichola Silveira, DP World Yarımca CEO:

“Before he died in 1997, Captain Cousteau left his mark forever on the planet and the oceans. The films of Calypso’s adventures drew the public’s attention to the environmental consequences of human negligence for the first time. For this reason, handling this legendary vessel at DP World Yarımca was a privilege for us. I am very happy to see that Calypso will start her new adventures soon. I wish all success Captain Patrice Quesnel and his team on their project to rebuild Calypso."